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Power Of Appeals Software

Power Of Appeals

Power of Appeals improves cash flow and reduces write-offs by analyzing denials, streamlining denial appeals, tracking the disposition of denial appeals and providing denial prevention reporting and analysis.

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Appeal Letters Online

Appeal Letters Online

1600 professionally written medical appeal letters covering a broad spectrum of denial categories proven effective to help your facility overturn more denied claims & prevent future denials.

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  • "I attended a Coding/Reimbursement seminar this past weekend in Las Vegas. During the conference I announced to the crowd that your service has saved us labor and precious revenue. I just wanted you to know that you have an effective service and our office has enjoyed the ease and rate of success we have enjoyed since we began using it."

    - Melissa G.

  • "I purchased the membership and wanted to tell you that I used one of the letters as suggested by you and was able to get the denial overturned. It was worth about $12,000."

    - Jolyn T.

  • "I purchased the Power of Appeals software and a 12 month membership to Appeal Letters Online last year. It has been the greatest thing I ever purchased for the office. I can't function without it."

    - J. Lazenby

Solution Showcase From Our Blog

Are Your Organization's Financial Vital Signs Hard to Take?

The increasing complexity of medical reimbursement means increasingly complex financial health analysis. Power of Appeals software is the leader in denial management with its powerful database of 1700 compliance-focused appeal letters.  Now, Power of Appeals provides additional financial analysis tools to allow users to achieve better management of a challenging financial variable: denied claims. . .

July 4, 2013 | Read More
An Ounce of Appeal Is Worth a Pound of Payments
Medical and mainstream publications are filled with stories focusing on the barriers doctors and hospitals face in getting paid in today's health care environment. Precertification, managed care and tight timely filing deadlines are just some of the hurdles medical professionals must finesse when seeking reimbursement. And if one hurdle is missed, the effort and attention expended in the examining room is all for naught in the business office . . . .
Sept 1, 2012 | Read More

From Our Newsletter

New Medical Appeal Letters at has a number of letters related to lack of precertification.  See the category Medical Necessity for letters to assist you appeal based on clinical issues related to this type of denial.  A lack of preauthorization denial can also result from. . . . Read More

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Appeal Tip of the Month

7 Tips To A Successful Medical Necessity Appeal has a number of letters citing state and federal disclosure laws which assist medical providers with demanding more complete information regarding denials. These letters are under the Topic: Benefit Reductions and the Subcategory: State Mandates in the Appeal Letter Repository and include a number of new state-specific disclosure letters. . . . Read More

Denial Management Software

Denial management software from Appeal Solutions is a technology solution that manages the interaction between a healthcare provider (usually a "doctor") and the insurance company (also known as a "payer") in managing the claim denial appeal process. Denial Management software is also known as "medical software", "medical office software", "practice management software", "medical management software", "medical billing and coding software", and "revenue cycle management software".

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